Frequently Asked Questions

Plasma gel is a regenerative medicine product made from a patient’s blood plasma. It is created by processing blood plasma to concentrate growth factors and other regenerative proteins.

Growth factors are proteins that are naturally produced by the body to promote cell growth and division. In aesthetic regenerative medicine, growth factors are used to stimulate the growth of new tissue and promote healing.

Plasma gel is used in aesthetic regenerative medicine to treat various conditions, including loss of volume, wrinkles, scars, and hair loss. It is typically injected into the skin or scalp to promote healing, fill, and stimulate new tissue growth, and fill empty areas.

Yes. The entire procedure takes between 30 – 45 minutes. The patient can immediately resume his or her daily activities post-procedure.

There is no recovery time with the 3D Plasma Hydro Gel procedure. However, you may feel slight tenderness, soreness, and possible minor bruising for a few days post-procedure.

Recent developments in cosmetic technology have enabled individuals to opt for non-invasive procedures that can deliver superior outcomes compared to traditional facelifts. One such innovation is the 3D Plasma HydroGel, which can replenish lost volume, reshape facial contours, and stimulate regeneration in the treated area, all without the discomfort and extended recovery period typically associated with surgical interventions.

The 3 DPHG gives a persistence of 9-12 months results, therefore like those given by conventional hyaluronic acid fillers. However, this procedure has the added benefit of containing growth factors that promote regeneration. It is advisable to undergo periodic touch-ups to ensure the persistence of the regenerative effect of the growth factors.

It should be noted that individual results may vary.

The innovative approach behind 3D Plasma HydroGel goes beyond basic filler injections. It involves combining autologous gel and growth factors obtained from plasma and platelets. This results in restoring lost volume, providing a lifting effect, and promoting tissue regeneration over time through growth factors.

Yes. The 3D PHG is a natural procedure and is entirely reversible.

Since the 3D PHG is so minimally invasive, no prior testing is required. Most patients elect to have the procedure done the same day as their consultation as we schedule plenty of time for thorough facial analysis and the 30/45-minute procedure.

A follow-up is not required but is highly recommended. Many patients feel perfectly comfortable flying back out on the same day as their procedure.

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